Men know that you are mine by birth:
My nest,  my refuge,  and my hearth,
My mother,  native land,  dear earth!
Sever soul and body??  Death but can.
O Azerbaijan,  my Azerbaijan!
Samed Vurgun

  Window to Gazakh

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Avey Mountain

Avey Mountain is one of the peaks and a white-greyish ridge in the Small Caucasus Mountains located between Georgia and Gazakh district. It is 12 km away from the village of Dash Salahli.

There is an ancient Albanian temple on the top of the mountain. The word Avey is interpreted as a lunar house. "Ay" means "moon" and "ev" - "house", Avey - "house of the moon". Christian temples were usually built on the top of previous pagan temple. The word Avey allow as to assume that there was a lunar temple here. Currently, access to the area is limited due to the proximity to front line.

There many monuments on Avey Mountain . The sites of temples, old settlements, ancient graveyards and about 30 artificial caves from Paleolithic times have been discovered on the slopes of the mountain. For this reason, the State Historical and Cultural Reserve Avey was set up here in 1989. Damjili is also one of the main sites of the reserve.