Men know that you are mine by birth:
My nest,  my refuge,  and my hearth,
My mother,  native land,  dear earth!
Sever soul and body??  Death but can.
O Azerbaijan,  my Azerbaijan!
Samed Vurgun

  Window to Gazakh

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Geyazan mountain

The picturesque mountain Geyazan considered a symbol of Gazakh. It is situated at a distance of 20 km from the district center and 2 km left from the river Chogaz. Lonely towering above the surrounding terrain, this rare geological monument of nature emerged as the result of volcanic eruptions thousands years ago. Although the height of the mountain is only 250 meters, the residents of these places regard it as "the center of the world". Not by chance "Geyazan" means "conqueror of the sky".

You can see the remnants of a large settlement and  the ruins of the fortifications at the foot of Geyazan. There are the caves and pastures in the mountain, and they are regarded as first human settlements. Top of the mountain is flat. It is assumed that in past times when there were folk festivals, as well as enemy threats, a big bonfire was made on the peak of the mountain.