Men know that you are mine by birth:
My nest,  my refuge,  and my hearth,
My mother,  native land,  dear earth!
Sever soul and body??  Death but can.
O Azerbaijan,  my Azerbaijan!
Samed Vurgun

  Window to Gazakh

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Mosque in Aslanbeyli village

The mosque in Aslanbeyli village was built by local residents in 1909. The mosque is about 100 m far from the house of influential, pious Haji Mahmud Afandi and was built in his honour. 

There is a newly built minaret narrowing upwards on the right corner of the building. Local stone is used 0n the constriction of the minaret and mosque. There is a big praying hall inside the mosque. The hall is equally divided into two parts with twin arches leaning against the columns.

In Soviet times, the activities of the mosque as a worship place had been discontinued and banned. The building was converted into a country club, and felt into decay. Only after Azerbaijan gained its independence the building was restored, and resumed the work as a mosque again.